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We are currently working on more innovative ways to modernly scale yet stay environmentally conscious, ethical and remain a sustainable brand with the customer experience the way Tysha has always envisioned I.She.Me.Her.We.You.

Our mission: I.She.Me.Her.We.You. Is rooted in service to others. Our purpose will remain to give back. Over our last 2 years we have partnered with several grass-roots organizations that serve youth, mental health awareness and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our vision: I.She.Me.Her.We.You. Is a business to empower positive transformation in our community and around the world. We do that by creating high quality and inspiring products that are sustainable & ethically made in the USA.   We donate a portion of our profits from sales to fund powerful community service projects. I.She.Me.Her.We.You. Service projects are focused on improvements of the human experience through social, environmental and economic justice.

Leave your email to be the first to know when our relaunch is here. As always thank you for the support.